Monday, July 18, 2011

Brazilian Lemonade

This is one of my favorite drinks! It is so yummy...the perfect combination of tangy citrus and sweet creamy condensed milk! My friends and family go nuts for it!

Tip: I like to rim my serving glasses with lime and dip them in sugar. Put your sugar rimmed glasses in the freezer while you make the drink or until you are ready to serve them. I also suggest making more than one batch...people love this drink and are bound to want more! If you are making this drink ahead of time, be sure to stir it before serving.


- 2 limes
- 1/2 cup sugar
- 3 Tbsp sweetened condensed milk
- 3 cups water
- 2 cups ice

Wash limes thoroughly. Cut off the ends and slice into eight wedges. Place the limes in a blender with the sugar and sweetened condensed milk, water and ice. Blend in an electric blender, pulsing 5 times until the inside of the lime pulps are mashed. Strain through a fine mesh strainer to remove the rinds. Serve over ice.

Serves: 3



  1. No lemons??? Wouldn't that makes this a Limeade?

  2. Ha-ha I agree with you, but that's what the traditional drink is called. Brazilian Lemonade, but you only use limes – wacky huh?

  3. Do you blend the rind with it to? I can't wait to try this!

  4. Yes! Rind and all! The oils from the rind give it an extra little kick. Be sure that you don't grind up the rind completely or you’ll end up with a bitter drink. You want the inside of the lime to look mashed and frazzled and the rind to look bruised and slightly nicked.4 or 5 - three second pulses on the blender should do the trick.

  5. oh man does this sound amazing. one of my favourite drinks is Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. can't wait to try such an awesome ingredient in this interesting way. thanks for the post!


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