Monday, July 11, 2011

Girl Party

My Mother is the last of 8 children and each of those children had about 3 or 4 children, and those children are now having children etc. (+ my father's side ='s the population of a small country)! So as you can see I have a BIG family! Whenever one of my Aunt’s has a birthday, a sister will host a party for her and all the girls are invited! It's a blast! Last week my Mother hosted a party for my Aunt Jill. Happy birthday Aunt Jilly-Bean! I love spending time with my Mother and Aunt’s whenever I get the chance. Oh the stories they can tell...
While sipping wine and eating red velvet cake, Aunt Jill told me about her glamorous flight attendant days with Pan American airlines. She recalled a time when she was staying the weekend in Bombay (now known as Mumbai) and one of her fellow flight attendants wanted to go out for a fancy dinner. Sadly, Aunt Jill said she couldn't afford it. Her friend told her not to worry... it was covered. Little did she know that rich men would be paying for their dinners and the girls would have to runaway from their foreign suitors!
What a hoot! Everyone burst out laughing!
I love all the stories. They are all such wonderful women who know how to laugh and live life to the fullest. I am so grateful for each one of them. I love big families. We have so much fun!

A birthday dinner in my Mother's garden

Aunt D brought a lovely red velvet cake for Aunt Jill's birthday

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