Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home Ideas

Here is a HUGE collection of "Home Ideas" that I have put together over the years. These pictures were taken from various home decor sites such as West Elm, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Design*Sponge,The Nest etc. Prepare for the greatest and longest post of your life! Enjoy.

Hmmmm. Chocolate walls. Daring, but I like it!

I like greens in the house. They always give the room a fresh feeling.

Oh yes! This is an organizers dream!

Very posh nook...

Liking the stacked books. Great idea!

This looks so cozy! Love it!

Lovely door.

Check-out the neat loft!

big tub <3

Black and white floor

Love the arches

Dreamy entertaining backyard.

A swing chair!? It's a little nutty, but I like their originality.

My wannabe closet. Simple. Organized. Beautiful!

Bold Print Rugs <3

This is wonderful! A fireplace in the kitchen! xo

Love this city mural! It gives you the feeling of working in a skyscraper in the comforts of your own home (this was by Pottery Barn about 4 years ago).

Parisian café inspired patio set

The perfect craft desk!

Outdoor patios with fireplaces!

Such a romantic idea. A husband wrote this song for his wife and painted it above their bed.

I began collecting these pictures years ago for my personal portfolio and did not save the location of each picture properly. I do not have original citing information (besides pic #1). If you have a link for a particular picture I will gladly give credit where it is due! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the post!

Pictures: 1Weheartit


  1. I love the vibe if this house. I am a country girl but I have recently moved into the city. I really like the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, it looks beautiful. I think I might have some patio furniture in self storage which I might use for the dining room. Thanks for the inspiration :)!

  2. Oh, I really really love your ideas for home.
    I'm living in Hanoi, Vietnam capital. And it's not easy to buy a land to make home as we wish.
    But I still love and don't stop dream about the home like yours :)
    Thanks for sharring.
    Wish you happy always :)


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