Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 4th

Did you have a nice 4th of July? I hope you had a wonderful holiday full or family, friends and fun!
Here’s what I did on this glorious 4th.

Danny and I rode our bikes down to the beach. It was a beautiful day; 85 degrees and sunny! After a sufficient sun and surf soak, we decided to bike around and catch-up with a few friends and our neighborhood block party.  We then headed to Aunt Bonnie’s for a family BBQ and fireworks.

This boat had a live bluegrass banjo band!

 Our neighborhood block party. 

 Chicken and Ribs!

Love the old-fashioned coke bottles. Nice touch Aunt BonBon!

Aunt Diane's cute flag cake!


  1. That guy in the pictures is a fine piece of eye candy!

  2. Ha-ha you would make a comment about yourself...
    Love you Danny


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