Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Fishing Trip

Danny and I went fishing with my Grandparents at 6:30AM yesterday. We launched the boat in Dana Point and headed north towards Laguna and Newport.  We snacked on edamame, fresh strawberries and oatmeal cookies while Grandpa gave us lessons on tying polymer and cinch  knots for our hooks. I loved taking pictures of the beautiful coastline and spending time with my family. P.S. Grandma, Danny and I caught about eight mackerel and released them (yucky eats). Grandpa…the fish whisperer of fishermen, caught two beautiful Sea Bass. Good job Grandpops!

Grandpa and Danny getting the boat ready


 Giant sea cliff mansion in Dana Point

Hoping for a big one!

No luck!

Laguna Beach

This is one of my favorite beaches called Thousand Step in Laguna Beach. This early morning picture doesn't do it justice -- it's a beautiful secluded cove with clear water and a soft white sand. The trek to get here is a little tiring (hence the name) but it's well worth it! I love the  beach huts and the rickety old elevator that someone made to make their daily visit less daunting.

One of Grandpa's Sea Bass! He never fails to catch a fish!

Thousand Step (Laguna)

 A resort in Laguna and our friendly fishing neighbors

Sun bathing beauties (Dana Point)

 Crumbling cliff? Yikes! (Dana Point)

One of Dana's old fishing vessels
 It was a great morning!


  1. The three of you caught about eight mackerels on your first time?! Wow, talk about lucky! Man, I suddenly miss those days when my pops took me fishing with my friends, it was a fantastic bonding moment. By the way, how big was the sea bass that your grandpa caught anyways?

  2. It was a very fun trip! I'm glad that the post brought back some good memories for you! Oh, and by the was a Sand Bass, not a Sea Bass -- my mistake. Ha-ha. I'm not up to speed with all my fish names yet! The Sand Bass was around 13-14 inches.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. That is one big sand bass! Your grandpa’s really good! It looks like it was cloudy there, which is just perfect for a fishing trip. Not too hot, but not raining either. Sounds like a great day. I wish I was there, too.

    Ryan Gruenholz


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