Monday, August 22, 2011

Amazing Artists

Julian Beever 
He is an English chalk artist who has been creating chalk drawings on pavement since the mid-1990s. He creates the illusion of three dimensional images when viewed from a specific location. Julian has worked in the UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the USA and Australia.
This is so wonderful! What a trip. I feel nervous just looking at it!

Margaux Lange

Barbie dolls were immensely important for fueling her creative life as a child, and ironically continue to inspire her art today. Margaux's Plastic Body Series jewelry collection is the result of a life-long fascination with the icon and a desire to re-purpose mass produced materials into handmade, wearable art jewelry.



Shu Uemura

Renowned for his masterful makeup artistry since 1958, Shu Uemura helped pioneer the concept of the makeup artist, merging makeup and art through his bi-annual mode makeup collections and on-stage makeup performances. Each of Shu Uemura's products embraces elements of art, nature and science through original packaging, unique textures, key ingredients and ground-breaking product formulas.

The 45-year-old Bridgeport resident has been carving sculptures into pencil lead, without the aid of a magnifying glass, for 25 years. There’s a boot. And a church. And a bust of Elvis. He's even created a “Chain,” in which the middle of a pencil has been transformed into 23-links! Very impressive!


A young graphic designer who doubles as a fine artist on the side. The crayons are lined up and melted on a foam board using a heat gun. She uses a controlled heat application for the desired outcome. The result is a clean line from each crayon, resembling that of dripping paint. Genius, Jessica! Simply beautiful!

HERE is a link to Jessica's post about A Bit Of Bees Knees!
Thank you so much Jessica, that was very kind of you! Keep up the great work! We love your art!

Janine Golbert

Born in Uruguay and having lived in Switzerland and Panama before finally arriving in Israel where she currently resides with her family, Janine´s life is a blend of different cultures that encompasses many worlds. She is the jewelry and clothing designer of Eninaj.

I just adore these sweet sterling silver lace earrings! They wrap around the bottom of your earlobes. So gorgeous!

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