Monday, August 15, 2011

Funday Sunday

Today was a glorious Sunday -- church, an ice cream truck, a ninja lego birthday party, and a fabulous family dinner. Ya couldn't ask for a better day!

We thought it would be fun to relive our childhood.

Our friends son was having his 6th birthday party. The theme was Ninja Lego! Too funny.

This cracked me up. Zeke's Birthday schedule.

Shanny and me helping with the pinata bags.

Danny maken-it-rain

 Jason leading Ninja moves.

Dan volunteered to participate in "Lego Head"- which involved shaving cream and cheese balls. The kids competed to see which team could stick the most cheese balls to their volunteer!

I really loved the custom hats that Jason and Malia made for the party -- A picture of Zeke with sunglasses and Lego Ninja written on the side. I'm going to wear my hat everywhere! P.S. looken  good Danny

Dinner with the family. Beer can chicken, strawberry salad, garlic bread and BBQ beans. So good. For dessert we had white chocolate bread pudding (I need to post that recipe)!

Here we are watching Grandpa and Bette's video from their trip to Germany. I loved seeing all the little towns they visited and to hear Grandpa speak German. It was nice to see where he grew up and listen to him reminisce about his family and life as a child. 

Thankful for a wonderful weekend. Thankful for my family and friends.

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