Monday, August 29, 2011

OR/CA Road Trip: Day 5

Dan and I went to church with Josh and Meagan Sunday morning and then we walked around Corvallis and made salmon sandwiches on top of the car. After lunch we drove to Brownsville/Halsey to meet up with the Fitzmorris family.  Their family owns the farm next to my late Great Grandmother's Twin-Butte property. As a child, my father spent summers with his Grandmother and the Fitsmorris down the road.

Dan and I stopped off at a fresh fruit stand on our way to the farm.

Fresh Blueberries!

The Fitzmorris Farm!

Pat and Rossco showed us around the farm

Patty cakes

Rossco and Me

Grass seed!

Chopper! This cat has used up her nine lives and then some! A few years back, she fell asleep under the blades of a combine -- it only knocked out a couple of her teeth! What a lucky cat!

This is where all the seed is stored -- Millions of lbs.!

Barney the Barn Owl...I just named him.

Chris and Tena grow their own vegetables too!

Danny and I next to one of their combines in the hanger.

We had a backyard BBQ! Pat made onion rings with the onions from the garden!

Chris made burgers with pepperjack cheese and bratwurst sausages marinated in beer. He even cooked up some tasty peppers from the garden!

We had a wonderful BBQ! And all of the veggies came from the farm! After dinner, Tena brought out a yummy blackberry pie and vanilla ice cream! Food coma...

The Fitzmorris farm and the Twin Buttes property that my Great Grandmother owned. One of my Great Uncles made me a wooden pen & case from a tree that fell on this property. What a special gift.

Dan and I had a great time visiting with the Fitzmorris family! We can't wait to see them again!

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