Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shark Picture: This Made My Heart Stop

So I came across a horrifying post on tumblr... it literally made my heart hurt. What do you think, real or fake? Either way, I would never want to be in this situation!

A husband and wife and their 15 year old son were on vacation in Australia. The husband was previously in the Navy and been trained in diving. He thought it would be fun to scuba dive with his family. Their son wanted to take a picture of his parents with all their gear on, so he got out the water camera and took this picture. The father noticed that his son looked panicked and proceeded to give him the "ok" signal to see if his son was alright.
The son took the picture and swam back to the boat in a frenzy! Naturally his parents followed him to make sure he wasn't hurt. When they reached the safety of the boat. The son explained to his parents that a shark was behind them. His parents thought that he was joking. They only believed their son after they viewed this picture.
This is what they saw.

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