Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY: Flying Lantern

1) Pin four sheets of tissue paper to a clothesline and spray with fireproofing product, avoiding the corners where the pins are. Allow the paper to dry.

Tissue Paper, and Fireproofing Product

Fireproofing the Laundry

4) Using the craft pattern as a guide, cut the tissue paper, making four slightly curved pieces with one straight edge. Glue the lantern pieces together, leaving the straight edge open, creating the bottom of the lantern. You will want to make sure that your glue has dried before moving onto the next step.

5) Make a bamboo hoop. Split the bamboo into thin strips, carefully moving a knife slowly down the length of the pole. Once you find a pliable piece, sand it until it is smooth. Form a hoop with the bamboo strip and secure the ends with glue. * If you don't have bamboo strips handy, you can use any light weight, bio-degradable hoop you can find.

6) Install a wire "X" onto the frame; secure in place with staples. Cover the cardboard square with foil and secure it to the center of the "X" with tape, staples or glue.

7) Make a foil cup, large enough to hold your fuel (step 9). Tape this to the center of the pad.

8) Attach the tissue paper to the hoop at the open bottom with tape, staples or glue--remember, it works like a hot-air balloon, so the foil cup should face the inside.

9) Making Lantern Burner
Buy some blue industrial paper-towels (the thick kind), and saturate the towel in melted canning-wax.
Warning: Canning (paraffin) wax is very flammable, and should only be melted over low heat in a double boiler. It should never be exposed to open flames or high heat.

Coating a Paper Towel With Wax to Make Sky-Lantern Burner

10) When your balloon is dry and ready to fly (fix all tears and cracks), place your treated paper towel into the foil cup and light it on fire. You may need a friend to help level the balloon while it fills up with hot air. When the sides are hot and you can feel the lantern pulling away, release it.

 Don't forget to make a wish!

Instructions on how to make a flying lantern were adapted from eHow and Skylighter.

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