Friday, September 2, 2011

OR/CA Road Trip: Day 9

Today we drove into San Francisco! We stopped off at some of our favorite places to eat and then drove to Pier 33 for my first trip to Alcatraz.
Dan and I loved visit the Bay whenever we'd stay with our buddies in college, but I had never been to the island...we finally did the touristy thing and jumped on a boat to Alcatraz. It was surprisingly fascinating! I enjoyed every second of it!

Here we are at Lucca's! The greatest place to get Italian deli foods.

The Best Cannolis!

Then we went to Oyster Depot for some chowder, oysters and shrimp!

Lotta's for a Baba au rhum -- brioche bread soaked in sugary rum syrup!

A walk through China Town.

Almond Snow! So good! Kobe Bento I am obsessed!

And then we went to Alcatraz!

It was so windy -- I could lean into the wind without falling over!

In September 1961 three men escaped by digging holes through the vents in their cells. They made mannequin heads to fool the guards as they walked by for the nightly inspections. The prisoners crawled through the vents and climbed up the utility corridor until they reached the rooftop.
The next morning police searched for the men, but no one was ever found.

Typical Dan...

We love you San Francisco!

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