Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Berkeley Dog

Dan and I have been watching the Yule kids for the past week (and next) while their parents are in Europe. We are having so much fun! We took Donovan and Austin to Sky High (a warehouse full of trampolines) earlier this week and yesterday we took Katie, Aiden and Austin to Berkeley Dog. Dan and I have wanted to try this place for awhile now. We discovered it during one of my lunch breaks when I was at UCI.
They have a HUGE selection of tasty dogs and gourmet mustard's, sauerkraut and other yummy things like fries and chicken wings. They also have an AMAZING futuristic Coke machine -- a touch screen with over 100 different flavor combinations. I got a vanilla Sprite! So good!

This place is too much fun!

Here's a few things on their fabulous menu.
Hot Dogs and Sausages
Calabrese - secret recipe from a 60 year old butcher shop in San Francisco
Kobe Beef
Louisiana Hot Links
Mighty Hot Juicy Habanero Beef and Pork
Pepper Lemon Chicken
Smoked Chicken Apple
German Frankfurter with Garlic
Pastrami Dog
Bacon HashBrown Dog
Grilled onions
Grilled bell peppers
All beef chili topping
Shredded cheese
Sweet potato fries
Funnel fries
Famed La Indiana Tamales from Los Angeles! Spicy pork, chicken vegetable and the very spicy chili and cheese

and...for the more adventurous

Danny and Aiden

Very cool Coke machine! Over 100 different flavors!

 Cherry, Orange, Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry, Grape and Peach Sprite! What!?


Sweet Maui Onion Mustard, Coney Island Mustard, Pineapple Mustard, Louisiana Creole Mustard, Russian, Stone Ground and Classic American Mustard's! Nice!

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