Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robert Sabuda Pop-Up Books For Your Lovebugs

Being a full time nanny, I read an astronomical amount of Children's books! Robert Sabuda pop-ups are my favorite. His attention to detail is amazing; you can even see furniture inside the pop-up house of Alice in Wonderland! And the Emerald City Castle in The Wizard of Oz, comes with 3D glasses! Each page is a work of art. These books will blow you away!

Paper Engineer Robert Sabuda is a pioneer in the field of Children’s Pop-Up Books. Since 1994, when he published his first title “The Christmas Alphabet,” Sabuda has not only been pushing the envelope and raising the bar in pop-up publishing, but he has virtually created his own genre. Though there are certainly other pop-up books being published, very few can compete with the sophisticated engineering of Sabuda’s work.
-Robert Sabuda Project

The kids LOVE them!


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