Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thomas Doyle: Miniature Worlds

Thomas Doyle is the master of miniature worlds. His work is magnificently detailed and emotionally intriguing. This art breaks my heart. It makes me hold my breath just thinking about these poor little miniature people. Any art that can provoke such a reaction is A+ in my book. This guy is a genius. I would love to know what you think of it.

A note from the artist:

Hovering above the glass, the viewer approaches these worlds as an all-seeing eye, looking down upon landscapes that dwarf and threaten the figures within.

Conversely, the private intensity of moments rendered in such a small scale draws the viewer in, allowing for the intimacy one might feel peering into a museum display case or dollhouse. Though surrounded by chaos, hazard, and longing, the figures’ faces betray little emotion, inviting viewers to lose themselves in these crucibles.

The glass itself contains and compresses the world within it, seeming to suspend time itself—with all its accompanying anguish, fear, and bliss. By sealing the works in this fashion, I hope to distill the debris of human experience down to single, fragile moments.

Upcoming work on view: Thomas Doyle's solo exhibition Surface to air opens November 12th at LeBasse Projects gallery in Culver City, California.

Pictures:Thomas Doyle

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