Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baci by Perugina: Finest Italian Chocolates

I got a box of Baci! They are so good! And each chocolate comes with a little love note in Italian, English, Spanish, French and German.
I've eaten 4 so far...here are my love quotes

"Love has made me live love ardently." - G. Stampa
"Oh truly love me! Oh murmur words of fire!" - J. keats
"Lovers can live on kisses and water." - Proverbio
"You will always be beautiful to me and I will always be true to you." - Cira de Pers

Baci – A kiss from the heart of Italy. Silky dark chocolate enrobes a heart of gianduia (a luscious creamy blend of milk chocolate and ground hazelnuts) dotted with chopped hazelnuts and crowned with a whole hazelnut. Each confection is hugged with a love note and is wrapped in Baci’s signature silver and blue foil.

Such a cute idea to give to your sweetie. 

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  1. I've seen some bedroom designs where chocolates are the motif. HOw do Italian home design relates to Italian chocolates?


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