Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dan and Britt's Wedding Colors

Color Inspiration!

I've been playing around with our wedding colors for a few months now. I think everyone and their 3rd cousin once removed has asked me, "what are your colors?" Ha-ha. So I finally commited and got things done! This wedding stuff if hard work, who knew? So without further delay, here they are. Yay! Check mark.

I wanted to go with a soft, victorian look paired with the warm seasonal colors represented in early fall. Here's what I came up with...

P.S. Our wedding will most likely be in early September 2012.

Pictures: Collage by A Bit of Bees Knees. Individual pictures found Here.


  1. Those colors are great! are you also thinking about those ideas for tables pieces and whatnot?

  2. Hey Mo, these are the colors for the wedding! The whole shebang -- centerpieces, lighting, Bridesmaids dresses, favors, invites, ceremony and reception decor etc. We'll talk soon :-) Love You!
    P.S. I'm hoping this is Mo Stewart...

  3. Hi Brittany! A few years removed from your post but I absolutely love the dress in the middle of the 5 in the photo collage above. Can you tell me some details? Thanks!

    1. Hey Kimberly, I'm so sorry...I've been searching for the past hour and can't find anything on the dresses. However, I do know that this original photo came from stylemepretty.com. I searched over 4,000+ of their bridesmaids dresses and I couldn't find this picture. I think you'll have to e-mail Style Me Pretty for info. Good Luck!


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