Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Glitter Dipped Mason Jars

This is a cute idea...

1. Cover half of your mason jar with paper (tape down the edge of the paper to get a smooth line) 
2. Spray or paint the other half of the jar with clear glue
3. Dip in glitter 
4. Peel of tape and paper
5. After glue dries, brush off excess glitter 

 Picture via (thesweetestoccasion


  1. Love it! Here's a tip- in order to lock in the glitter so it doesn't flake off, you can paint over the glitter with sparkle mod podge.

  2. You can also mix Mod Podge and glitter together in a bowl and paint on. No mess and no loose glitter to brush off later! I've done this with shoes and wine bottles!
    Here's the link to the post I made about Glitter Shoes

  3. Where do you get cheap Gold Glitter??


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