Monday, February 6, 2012

Dinner at Manpuku

Danny and I went to Manpuku with Evan and Monica. It was so much fun! We got to cook our own food on a little grill in the center of our table. What a culinary adventure!

Here's What we ordered...

Kalbi -Prime beef short rib
Yakishabu -Thin sliced prime beef short rib with ponzu sauce
Shrimp -3 piecies of black tiger shrimp
Kobe Otoro Sashi -Kobe beef short rib sashimi
Cabbage Salad -Very thin sliced cabbage with delicious garlic soy dressing
Negi Salad -Green onion & lettuce with spicy dressing
Wakame Soup -Seaweed
Ishiyaki Garlic Rice -Garlic fried rice with pickles and garnish
Vegetable Platter -4 kinds of seasoned vegetable

Dan ordered the Kobe Otoro Sashi without knowing what it was. Our waitress told us that this particular dish is eaten raw. ha-ha too funny. This was our first time eating raw beef. It was pretty fantastic.

Yakishabu before we put it on the grill

Mmmmm Veggies

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