Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Shrugs, In Or Out?

Wedding shrugs are so feminine and romantic...I'm thinking about wearing one at our reception to add a unique, vintage look.

Would you wear one?

Leia Wedding Jacket By Rosa Clara

This one isn't a separate shrug, but I am gaw gaw over this look!
Let me know if you guys can find something similar.


  1. I think the shrug is DIVINE...SO romantic and soft...with a vintage feel...just lovely! I actually decided to forgo the strapless for a one piece that looks like a shrug attached, but the back is etched out. I can't wait!! Go for it! :) xo

  2. Yes I am planning on wearing a shrug for my wedding this July...not sure if the shrug will be white or black..perhaps black for a bit of drama :)


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