Sunday, February 3, 2013

Healthy Snacks {} was started by 7 friends who love food and wanted to get more out of snacking. Their taste buds (and waistlines) were suffering at the hands of average snacks, so they started inventing snacks that were tasty and healthy. You can try a box for FREE and if you like them, then sign-up for a weekly snack that is delivered to your mailbox.
Simple. Healthy. Yummy.
Here are a few treats from the 90something that they have available.
strawberry milkshake
mini strawberries, white chocolate buttons and banana coins
marvellous macaroon
amaretti drops, almond slices, coconut flakes and white chocolate buttons
 super berry detox               
blueberries, green raisins, goji berries and cranberries

 cookies and cream
mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazels, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds
summer pudding
yogurt coated sunflower seeds, blackcurrants, sponge pieces and cranberries
 billionaire's shortbread
fudge pieces, blanched almonds, milk chocolate drops and cranberries
natural vanilla seeds
vanilla sunflower seeds and vanilla pumpkin seeds isn't officially open to the public yet, but I can invite you to try your first box for free.
Go to and type in this invite code and you're in!
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  1. Yummy, these dried mixed fruits are healthy snacks and can be added to oat meal and milk porridge. Better than salty and sugary muffins, chips and candies.


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