Friday, April 12, 2013

Mom's Day Gifts

Mom's Day is just one month away on Sunday, May 12th! Here are some nice Mama's Day presents for your wonderful, beautiful Moms.

This lavender body lotion smells divine. I use it almost everyday. It leaves your skin smooth and lightly scented with lavender. Clean and sophisticated. $14

One of many beautifully designed leather iPad cases by Tovicorrie on Etsy. 
The case is made of very high quality 100% leather with a stunning Cognac brown hide.
It will protect your precious iPad, whilst giving it a unique beautiful look! $95
Your sweetheart, child, grandchild, dog, cat, horse or even bird's silhouette will be carefully hand cut reduced to size by computer and then lovingly turned into a beautiful keepsake pendant. She uses vintage and antique rings to frame the silhouette. $175

Gold Drops Earrings -- light green resin drop dangling from 14K gold filled hooks!!
In the top of the drop there is a turquoise resin points with light green Swarovski crystal .
Around the drop has points of 14K gold filled.
The drop is made of 24K matte gold plated brass base. $36

The "Mama" ring by Nora Kogan is shown here in sterling silver. Simple and perfect. $153

Pictures: C.O. Bigelow, Leather iPad Case by Tovicorrie, Custom Silhouette Necklaces, Earrings by SigalitAlcalai, "Mama" ring by Nora Kogan

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