Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flavored Milk Straws

I found the coolest flavored milk straws the other day and they are kid approved too (I had my nanny baby try one and she loved it). 

 How they work:
* Step 1 - Dip your straw into a glass of plain milk. (Do not cut the straws)
* Step 2 - Take a long sip
* Step 3 - Powerful flavor beads magically transform your milk into a delicious treat

 Fun facts that make you love them even more!
* No Artificial Colors
* No Preservatives
* No Artificial Flavors
* Gluten Free

* Banana
* Orange Cream
* Wild Berry
* Chocolate Peanut Butter
* Strawberry Banana
* Vanilla Milkshake
* Strawberry
*cookies and cream 
These are so much fun! Where were these when I was a kid? Ok so I'm not going to lie...I picked the pack up for myself.              


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