Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY: Votives

#1 Romantic Painted Votives

Use complimenting colors of a water based paint and muddle them around on the inside of a clear glass votive (be sure to water down the paint thin enough for the light to shine through). Let them dry and place a small candle inside.

These are so beautiful, but I would advise that you only use them outside...most paints are flammable once they're dry, despite being water based. But they should be safe to put on an outside table for your backyard parties!

 #2 Lavender Love
 Find a narrow glass and cut your lavender stems just below the rim of the glass. Tie with twine. The heat from the candle will help carry the smell of the lavender.

#3 Simple Thyme in Baby Masons
Tie some thyme to a baby mason jar with twine. Simple and sweet


  1. So gorgeous... seriously these are pretty!!
    I'm hosting a *new* linky blog on Sundays ... appropriately titled 'Sunday School' THIS would be an ideal blog post tutorial to link up with don't you think? I'd love it if you would consider showing off your stuff this Sunday.
    Jennie. xx

  2. Go for it Jennie! Link away! Let me know if you need me to help you with anything :)
    Thanks for the comment

  3. For #2 what's the best way to arrange the flowers around the candle before you tie the twine? I'm worried they'll keep falling out of place before it gets tied.

  4. Get someone to help you by holding the flowers in place while you tie the twine.


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